Bank & Irene
December 9th 1997
Always & Forever
november 15th, 1998

i love the feel of your embrace
the sweet expression on your face
the tender bass that's in your voice
i never knew joy was a choice
the gentle touch you give to me
you changed my view so i could see
that there are good things in this life
the goal of being your own wife
and even if it isn't so
my love for you shall never go
i love all that to you is true
if you don't love me, i still love you
thank you for all of your love
you're are a gift from up above
you're like the light i never had
you took the tears and made me glad
all the times you hold me tight
my sadness leaves with all my fright
and when you whisper in my ear
you say the words i long to hear
when i look into your eyes
i see that you have not one lie
you always speak just what it true
and that is why i love you

Dedicated to my best friend & love of my life...

bank & irene by: flymizzez
every morning as i wake, i find you in my mind all day. remembering the first day we had met, at the library, the ground was still wet. both you and i were very cold, i took your hand to have and to hold. on the phone with you all night. thinking of how you held me tight. watching a movie the very next week. i found the love i've always seeked. after i told you how i felt about ray, you still loved me the very next day. you were there when i met new friends. and there to complain to when those friendship had to end. you supported me in all my dreams. you were patient with me, even when i was mean. i remember in june when i gave you the ring. it seemed to me a special thing. i had never given anyone else so much love. but that's why God sent you from up above. you changed your beliefs to be with me. and made me feel as though i were in a dream. you come with me to church every sunday. i watch you and cherish you in all your ways. a lil later you gave me a band. and my eyes teared up as you placed it on my hand. i cant picture bearing another man's child or walking with another down the isle. love me in your special way, because my love grows for you more each day...mahal na mahal kita

thank you for the love and friendship you've given me.
you really make me feel like a princess...
i look to our future together with a smile and i joyful 
tear... i love you...<3112

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