l y r i c a l . e l e g a n c e

true love
i once thought true love was a dream.
i thought it depended on chance, of a relationship with extremes.
but i realized who i was,
who i've been with
and who you are.
and i saw that true love was not very far.
you're someone i see in the rest of my life.
and i see myself as your only wife.
i see us growing and surviving our teenage years
with dreams and curiousity and laughter and tears.
i see us building a future with each other,
only thinking of you and never another.
i us choosing the city we'll live in.
i see us looking back at all the moments that have been.
i see us having our very first...choosing the names... i few of them wild.
i see us raising our children together.
i even see us fighting for one thing or another.
but in the end it's always the same;
we apologize and decided there's no one to blame.
i see us going home to each other every day,
and i see us loving in every way.
this is true love... only a fraction
for nothing can explain the complete emotional reaction
between two lonely hearts...who finally meet
and never fall apart.


why do you hear only what is said?
why do you ignore every tear that i have shed?
why do see only what blankets the truth?
what makes it so thick that you cannot see through?
why are you immune to every cry and plea; 
as if my pain was a plague or a deadly disease?
have every looked things over inside and out?
have you ever concluded what my grief is all about?
why do you chat your meanlingless apologies;
broken promises, false tears, -n- "new beginnings"?
every time you break these words;
it's as if you never spoke -n- i never heard.
is promise to me less important that another?
is your pride -n- relaxation worth us not being together?


Perfect fit
by: MeccaX007

Remember the first time I saw you??
My eyes just fell in love with you. I can say that for sure.
Remember our first date??
Ohh... girl I do. We went out walking and talking by the seashore.
You told me that I was just too different from other guys.
and I said you were right.

You see, me and you are just a perfect fit.
I'd do anything for you. 
I remember telling you that I love you.
And you telling meeh that you love me too.
When I heard you say that, too many feelings exploded in mah heart.
I didn't know whether to hug you, kiss you, or love you even more.....
but I do know this, we are a perfect fit.
I love you.

Efren Mendoza, Jr.

aka. Alec Trevelyan, MeccaX007

turn away
when i entered our relationship i gave you my all
i always got back up every time i would fall
i'd think of your needs every moment of the day
of what would make you smile or be happy with my ways
every day i look to you for appreciation or love
but nothing comes out as if my love is never enough
no matter how i argued, you yell twice as loud
maybe you liked power or maybe you were proud
if i gave in to all your wants and needs
i felt as if you swallowed me with careless, selfish greed
and every time i got the courage to tell you how i felt
you'd only say "baby i'm sorry" as if my heart was supposed to melt
and in the next hour everthing would the same
and i get so confused when i think who am i to blame
myself? do i ask too much? am i what you seem to me?
or is it you? no... i turn away
there's not one bad thing you could do

if i cry to you,
you turn away.
if you treat me wrong,
we turn away.
when i need you there,
you turn away.
when i need you're care,
you turn away.
when i pour out my heart,
you turn away.
why don't you bother to hear what i say?
when i listen to you,
you don't realize,
the tears that burn my weakening eyes.
when i go through the pain,
the loneliness, and rejection,
you don't see my heart needs your affection.
when i tell you i love you,
you return the thought,
without tone or emotion or truth that i sought.
but if i still have you,
and you have me,
i don't mind this sad reality.
but do i still have you?
do you need me?
do we still share this
emotional intimacy?


she takes a deep breath.
a tiny, but significant bead of sweat forms on her worried forehead.
she takes a quick, nervous glance at her watch.
how long will this take?
she wonders... along with a million other fragmented thoughts.
she begins to feel drowsy;
her mind is wandering.
her throat feels dry.
she lies down to the familiar, yet strange mattress.
this is it.
she closes her eyes as it suddenly becomes cold.

(note: people will interpret this poem in different ways. for those
of you who wish to know my meaning -n- purpose of
this poem... it is about suicide)
love cliQ here foe mah sweet poem
violence why do we hurt those we love? as if they deserved it. why do we let our mistakes get the best of us? and let it conquer our souls. why do we leave the needy alone? and then act as if we are perfect. why do we hurt others for our own pain? as if they didn't have their own. why do we believe in equality? but don't apply it in life. why do we allow violence? crime? murder? genocide? prejudicism? hate? ignorance? the list goes on... FLyMiZzEz my mind i look in the streets and what do i see? i see strangers with lives who live around me. i listen to friends and their problems with care, so why is it that, for me, no one is there? i understand the thoughts of a human soul. i diagnosis the grief of feelings untold. i live in my mind, with my problems and fears. yet i also consume other's truth and tears. all i ask is something in return. for my heart is weak and my eyes are burnt. but how can ask for such a large fee. when i understand how they feel and don't have time for me. how can i expect someone that won't leave me alone, when i know how hard it is to face problems of your own. FLyMiZzEz (note: this poem was written because i feel as if i have tried to
understand many of my friends & have succeeded in understanding many
human needs, but i saw that problems they have are so hard
to deal with and if i have problems, how can i possible ask
for help? especially when i know how hard it was for me to
help them... why would i want to put them through troubles?)
Yer Mah Friend Alyways When you are sad, I will dry your tears. When you are scared, I will comfort your fears. When you are worried, I will give you hope. When you are confused, I will help you cope. And when you are lost, And can't see the light. I shall be your beacon Shining ever so bright This is my oath. I pledge till the end. Why you may ask? Because you're my friend. When you are lonely, And you need someone to talk to. Please remember... I'm always here for you. I will hug you when you say. I will be with you when you pray. I will laugh with you when you are happy. I will cry with you when you are unhappy. I will move the mountains so you can walk. I will shut everyone up so you can talk. I will swim ocean waves long and high. I will jump and steal the stars from their sky. Anything and everything, until the end. Need you ask? Because you're my friend. by: MeccaboyX Precious Moments... There is a place in tha heart, where I keep all the treasured moments. Moments like da first time you held my hand, times when you just wanted someone to lean on times when you just wanted a listenin ear. I treasure all those moments. Always and Forever. I remember a day, when it was raining...... you were jus so wet. I walked by, and handed you my umbrella.... to a complete stranger.... who'd ever knew that the stranger would be mah love.... That was the first moment, I met the love of my life..... This was one moment that I would treasure..... Now and forever...... I love you. By MeccaboyX Be mah Valentine all year round...... I know we were meant to be, I love you so much and I hope you love me. It hurts so much when we're not together, I'd rather have you holding me in your arms, loving me forever. No words could express my feelings towards you, My feelings are so very deep, there is no way they are not true. Is what I'm feeling just a dream? For when I wake up, it shall never be seen? But this is really real, I know it's not pretend, I hope I never wake up with this ever coming to an end. Because this is too good to be true, I cannot believe I found you. You're so special to me, Say you'll always be here, say you'll never leave. I don't know what I'd do or how I'd feel, If I'm left alone with all these things concealed. No one can ever believe we love each other so much, I love the feeling of your slightest touch. So soft and gentle, I never want it to go, And all I know is our love will grow, On and on till the end of time. Knowing that you will always be mine. Someone I can call my own to love for eternity, For I believe you and I were always meant to be. You were sent to me from heaven up above I can't say or do anything more, but to give you my love. As I say this, please believe everything I say, My feelings continue to grow each and every day. I am so thankful that you are my one and only boo, Never forget that I'll always love you. -by MeccaboyX To Keep by: MeccaX007 Tell me, can I keep you? Will you always be near? Tell me when I'll be with you, So I can brush away my fear. Tell me you won't leave. Please tell me you'll never go. Tell me that's it's love, That brightnes that you show. Is it love I really feel whenever I hold your hand? Was it fate that brought us closer, Or was it something you planned? The others never see me, They don't notice me it seems. Have you ever had the feeling when life is better than your dreams? You're always telling me the truth, I know your heart is pure, In you I can trust, I know that much for sure. Tell me do you love me? Please tell me if you do, Please don't ever leave me. Tell me, Can I keep you? Efren Mendoza, Jr.
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