b e a t Z

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wassupiteeh der... here are shum wav's of mah vocaliteehZ... uMmM... derZ also a breaking clip [avi]... aiighteeh enjoy mah idiot vocalZ -_-zZz

delusional beatz

flymizzez & timbaland mix
fly around deeh world mix
99 LyZ flow
breaking clip [avi]
can't mess wit deeh yungstahZ
ish all -bout deeh yungstahZ
say you'll stay [fly style]
everyting i do [fly style]

cliQ hea tooh peep deeh TOP TEN azn sitez!busta groove!!battle!! hehe
ain't no breakak lyke an aZn breakah
BuStA GrOoVe!!
yooh beeh hed numbah tuh hit up dish sekshun
since =030799=

c o n t a c t
h o m e
d e l u s i o n a l . i n t e g r i t y