[ t o y Z . I ]

[cliQ deeh baybeeh piX foe deeh big wun]
foe sheela and ray

supra's remind me of eclipses foe mah baby bankish yellow!

delusional toyZ II
delusional toyZ III hi there! wellum... i love the eclipse!! i can't help it! if you mah any *dope* pix of mah beloved eclipse than please send them to me please? anyway, i as originally going to get a cayenne red pearl eclipse gsx with a silver dragon on deeh front, but i'm having thoughts of having a metallic baby blue one (with the dragon) [you heard it here!!], but i'm not sure yet... buttah yeah, the silver integra ish for my darling booh: bank & and the prelude ish foe sheela & ray.
i got most of these graphx from friends & shtuff, but one of the pictures belong to you than just mail me & i'll be glad to pull 'em down. =o)
YoOh GoTTa cHeQ DiSh iSH OuT!

c o n t a c t
h o m e
d e l u s i o n a l . i n t e g r i t y