Z z 1 1 2 z Z

name -n- mKa irene mKa FLyMiZzEz aKa LLqT sKa baybeeh ting
dob june 1st, 1984 [gemini II]
pryde PnAi
dat shtuff 5'3 102-104 lb
colorZ blaQ wit gold streaQ [doZe piX above are mah graphX]
place of birth vn, kali
current localiteeh granada hillZ [pleeZ no stalking -_-]
edumaKation granada hi
[mahal] got it [bank] -_o
pichoorZ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [derZ moe, but i don't remember deeh file nameZ.. i'm sure you'll see dem in deeh [faceZ] seQshun.
colorZē red, silver, -n- im getting into babeeh blue [foe mah toy]
food seafood -n- fruits [scallops -n- pinacolada]
shtuff i do sing, draw, spend moolah, beeh wit mah boo, lalala
music i'm vereeh open minded -n- i have a special foe every art, food, music -n- shumtimeZ even stereotype
movies basketball diaries [not cuz of leo (siQ trendZ)] and joy luQ club, i love aliens, chucky, and freddy kruger wit passion
season winter cuz of xmas [i hate being hot]
things i love romance, friends, music, art, expression, sadness, stress, twix, peanut butter, pinacolada, banana, mangos, snow -n- hot coco, thinking about the future with mah babeeh
pet peeves fake peepZ, impatience, neglection, hw, trendZ dat were better of aZ "not trends" for example: boy bands [they'd actually beeh good if it wasn't for the immature, artificial, commercial, over hyped, hypeness], obsession wit celebZ: i don't care if you "saw" this guy in person, butterflies [they's beeh sho feminine and beautiful if peepZ didn't over do it], lalala
signature [delusionaliteeh] wassupiteeh, booyah, capital Z's and X's -n- so on... im out like [silleeh] [ridiculous] [delusional] [cross colorZ] talking wit deeh [sh] ting... btw: if yooh joQ mah ish i won't kiQ yoe a$$ or kill [meeh ish peashfool] yooh buttuh yeah, i'll feel betrayed in shtuff...
[delusional] wordZ i truly don't got none riote now but i gesh i'll tell yooh shumting -bout relationshipZ... most peepZ got deeh "teenage love" or "temporary" shipness -n- derZ nuttin wrong wit dat but yooh should realize it wen yooh gotZ it. i tink ish best to steer clear from dem relationshipZ -cuz yoo'll probableeh regret alotta ish wen yooh actualleeh meet yer true love -n- yoo and dat other person will beeh hurt wen it could've been avoided... also: itZ f*Qing annoying tooh listen to -n- analyze -n- deal wit idiotic, ignorant, problemZ!!! hehe... don't fret: i ain't mad atcha...

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The Philippine Flag is a very interesting flag which represents a lot of things. The flag consists of a white triangle containing a sun with eight rays at the center, a five-pointed star at each angle of the triangle, an upper stripe of dark blue, and a lower stripe of red. In times of peace, the blue stripe is uppermost and when the nation is at war the red stripe is uppermost.
The White Triangle stood for the hope for equality. The Blue Stripe stood for the search for peace, truth, and justice. The Red Stripe stood for the patriotism and valor.
The Eight Rays of the Sun, represents the first 8 provinces to take up arms against Spain. The Three Stars symbolizes the three major islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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